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R32 Cellar Coolers

Available May 2017….

Most current cellar cooling systems operate on R410a or R407c refrigerant gas. Both are likely to be phased out or their use restricted. R22 is already discontinued and R404 is heading that way due to its potential high global warming.

The replacement for these is a one component gas named R32, very similar properties to R410a but more efficient and much kinder to the environment. The gas is already available in some air conditioning and heat pump systems. Its considered mildly flammable and needs dedicated installation equipment for it.

We are currently testing the R32 systems and will have them on the market by the end April 2017.


We will offer two types of cellar cooler.

1. Slimline Eco+  Slim,quiet and compact for craft beer shops and smaller clean cellars etc.

2. CellarAir Eco+  Standard cellar cooling system ideal for all commercial cellars.

Marstair indoor cellar unit

Marstair R32 indoor cellar unit


Slimline Eco+  R32 Refrigerant system

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