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F Gas and You

Cellar Cooling and Refrigeration

Supply and Installation

UK Cellar Cooling offer the supply and installation of cellar cooling and refrigeration equipment for the licensed trade at very competitive rates, including the following:

Solutions engineered to meet your specific requirements (eg type and size of cellar).

Supply and installation of equipment (including cellar cooling, back bar bottle coolers , ice machines etc).

Option for planned maintenance support and management of F Gas regulations

Fgas Legislation – What is Fgas?

All types of cellar cooling and refrigeration equipment contain flourinated gases called “F gases”. F gases are man made and are used in a number of different industrial and service sectors. The most commonly used are fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFC’s). These were virtually un-used before 1990. Since then they have been used to replace Ozone depleting substances such as Chloroflurocarbons (CFCs & HCFCs) in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. They are not ozone depleting but contribute to global warming as they are ‘green house’ gases-i.e. gases in the atmosphere that reflect heat back on to the planet. New legislation came into effect in July 2007. Operators of equipment with over 3Kg of Fgas now have to:

Ensure all gas leaks are repaired using qualified and certified staff.

Ensure all repaired gas leaks are checked within one month of the initial repair work being completed.

Ensure all systems with 3 Kg of refrigerant are fully and professionally leak tested by qualified and certified engineers at regular intervals, as detailed in the regulations.

Ensure systems a the end of their life have their refrigerant disposed of by qualified and certified engineers.

THIS MEANS VIRTUALLY ALL CELLAR COOLING EQUIPMENT! Liable operators can be the free trade or lease holder landlords, licensees or group retailers operating managed houses. We can provide services to retailers to take the burden of this new task away with our service cover which includes:

Initial visit to check the system, determine the refrigerant used and the volume. Identify and mark up the systems.

An annual leak test and preventative planned maintenance visit to comply with the regulations and law to ensure that anniversary dates aren’t missed.
Management of the recording of all information and inspection activity, including volumes of refrigerant added to systems-again to comply with the legislation.

Please contact us on 01576 300531 or 01603 340094 or be email to give you a quotation for the work.

We are introducing R32 gas charged systems before the end of 2016. These are more energy efficient and kinder to the environment.

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