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iCube Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Optional waste drawers and stand

Optional waste drawers and stand

Bean to cup auto coffee machine

iCube Bean to cup auto coffee machine

iCube bean to cup automatic coffee machine. Ideal for pubs, clubs, hotels, offices, coffee shops, retail units and leisure trade the iCube offers 6 popular coffee choices and the machine is fully programmable for different strengths and quantity allowing top quality drinks or higher profit margins   Comes with built in auto bean grinder, water tank sufficient for around 20 drinks and milk tube. Milk can be from a carton or bottle  Simple detachable water tank is easily filled. Optional cake drawer/stand with spare drawer adds 100mm to height  and costs £36 Warming plate on top plus coffee Shute extender, coffee spoon and detachable mains lead

the iCube coffee machine is auto cleaning, comes with various alarms i.e waste coffee(cake) bin full and also has a cup counter  so you know what has been sold each day

Auto water fill version available

Lease or short term rent for just £1.30 per day, sell your first coffee and you are in profit  The average coffee of this quality sells for £2+ per drink

machine requires just a normal 13amp plug socket so can be used almost anywhere and easily transported

Coffee machine touchscreen

iCube Coffee machine touchscreen

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