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Ice Machine Ice Dispenser i10

Compact Ice making dispenser machine from iCube that not only makes ice but dispenses it into a glass. Ideal for small pubs, clubs, Cafes, convenience stores, hotels, B&B’s, waiting areas and home.  Can be safely used by customers or by staff. Also has a chilled water dispenser for occasional chilled water.

The iCube i10 ice maker makes up to 10kg per 24 hours and is permanently connected to the cold water supply so no topping up, although it can be used as a manual fill ideal for home or office use too. Complete with small ice scoop, water fill hose connection, water top up jug and instructions.

The manual water fill version is just £219

Microprocessor controlled showing ice full and low water alarm.

Size 350mm x 330mm x 230mm

Price just £248 plus vat delivered.

Ice Machine Ice Dispenser

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