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PVC Strip Curtains

Heavy Duty PVC Strip Curtains for Cellars, Cold Rooms & Commercial Door Applications Nationwide.


£105 per metre wide (2m high)
£75 per extra metre wide

These clear strip curtains save you lost energy and provide easy access to your beer cellar or walk in cold room, they keep the cold where you want it but still allow you to walk into the room without much heat loss or gain.

As used by all the supermarkets in their cold rooms the strong see through strips reduce the air loss but allow full access through even when carrying box’s or a trolley. These Heavy duty strip curtains also suitable for large cold rooms using fork lifts The price is for a 1m wide x 2m high set of strips with heavy duty stainless steel brackets and clips, ideal for outside and wet conditions such as walk in chiller and freezer cold rooms and pub beer cellars. Any size can be made to order. If buying at the same time as a cellar cooling system we can offer FREE fitting for you to.

Contact us for an accurate price for your size requirements on 01576 300531

Prices plus vat but include delivery (& fitting if ordered with a cellar cooler)

Where are they used? Strip curtains can be used on any clear opening that requires strong insulation (temperature, noise, dust, draughts…), where ease of passage is of concern. They can be used over any opening including windows, pedestrian or vehicle doorways or as partition walls such as in a beer cellar to separate the cooled area from ambient, indoor or outdoor use.

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