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QUALITAIR Cellar Coolers

Qualitair beer coolers keeping your pub cellar cool at minimal cost and very quiet and economical in operation  With 5 Year warranty for peace of mind, this is the cooling system you need  ‘Inovative and low cost’

Qualitair Q50 compact indoor fan unit, designed & produced in the UK

Qualitair Q35CU  outdoor condensing unit (Quietest on the market)


Exclusive to UK Cellar Cooling is the Qualitair brand of beer cellar coolers.

The high quality low energy traditional British designed system offers you fast cooling using one of the quietest outdoor condensing units on the market. This is connected to the Qualitair compact indoor unit which has a powerful fan and high airflow rate offering quicker cooling to your cellar, operated by the digital temperature controller provides low temperature cooling down to 2C (ideal for cold rooms) with unique evaporator design for maximum heat exchange and frost free operation, ideal for modern colder beers and fresh foods or flowers. Systems to suit small and large cellars above and below ground.

There are no mechanical thermostats, solenoid or expansion valves to fail, everything is taken care of with the electronic controller offering low cellar cold room temperatures.

The Qualitair system operates on R410a refrigerant with super energy efficient R32 an option from November

230 Volt operation with power to indoor unit.

Unique 5 year warranty, subject to annual service by us, shows the quality commitment to the cellar system.


Q35 suitable for 12 sq.m area.     £2094 installed

Q50 suitable for 18 sq.m area.    £2349 installed

Q70 suitable for 30 sq.m area.    £2670 installed

QSL35 suitable for 10.5 sq.m       £1790 installed

QSL50 suitable for 16 sq.m          £1880 installed

*Q models are standard cellar coolers for all situations. QSL are Slimline cellar coolers better suited to above ground/dry beer & home wine cellars  

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We install at the same price wherever you are based, from Boston to London to Sheffield to Yeovil and way beyond.! Also the same guarantee and service, we are ‘Nationwide for cellar cooling’. 

The Beer Cellar Specialists Nationwide supplying CAMRA pubs, micro breweries and large scale pub groups

Trade refrigeration and air conditioning companies supplied on a supply only basis at low wholesale prices. Email your details to receive your most competitive quote.

Qualitair is a British registered trademark.

No. UK00003255795

Exclusively through UK Cellar Cooling.

R32 gas version of Qualitair small beer coolers

Qualitair Sales Leaflet

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