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Nationwide competitive refrigeration and air conditioning service and repairs, at prices you can afford. Call now on 01603 340094

UK Cellar Cooling are accredited design and installation contractors for most leading equipment manufacturers (J & E Hall, Marstair, Qualitair, Mitsubishi) Armed with the advantage of not being tied to one manufacturer, we are able to optimise your installation by selecting the most practical system for your premises and also able to repair and maintain your refrigeration or air conditioning system regardless of its brand. We don’t just service beer coolers!

We offer the following…

  • Routine Planned Maintenance throughout the Nationwide
  • Air Conditioning service & repairs to All Brands
  • Relocation of existing equipment (moving outdoor or indoor units for cellars, air con, remote refrigeration etc)
  • Upgrading equipment to ensure lower running costs.
  • Legal routine refrigeration leak checking for systems with over 3kg of gas.
  • Emergency cellar cooler repairs to your broken down system

A responsible attitude to the environment is integral to our business operations. Innovations in energy-efficient design and the pioneering introduction of new refrigerants have produced systems that are better for the environment and comply with all current and planned legislative demands. In addition, with energy tax beginning to impact on business, air conditioning from us is a real investment for the future.

When facing the combined imperatives of customer comfort and cost-efficient use of space, an intelligently designed installation can add to the bottom line. An air conditioning installation will take up minimal space and produce an atmosphere in which customers will spend more time, and more money plus staff will be happier

Suitable for incorporation into both refurbishment projects and new buildings, an air conditioning system will enhance any commercial, retail or leisure environment, and the big bonus is that these systems also provide your lowest cost heating through its heat pump facility.

We have a callout charge of £60 and an hourly labour rate of £54 starting after the 30 minutes included in the call out. Parts and refrigerant gas are charged at the trade price. Plus VAT.

Please call us for all refrigeration and air conditioning requirements at the numbers listed below.

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